17 July 2020


The end of lockdown - time to move on

As I contemplate the 30 hour journey back home to the U.K. from New Zealand.  I need to plan and prepare for the inevitable jet lag and how I will adapt to the "new normal"

There will be so much to do to get Maxine Whittaker Antiques up and running again having left behind lots of projects unfinished. Whist I've been away I also recognise the wonderful work of the NHS celebrated here in the blue lighting of Lincoln Cathedral.


    Having spent 4 months in Auckland during its boarder closure.  I have come to appreciate this beautiful country. It's wonderful climate, beautiful scenery, fabulous flora and fauna and not forgetting the caring people of New Zealand.

But here I am with a business to run. I have lots of lovely pieces of furniture and decorative items that will enhance the new decor you have been planning over lockdown.

Treat yourself to one of many French mirrors I have in stock. I have an Art Deco mirror with black hanger and tassels, a pretty Tremeau Mirror in green and gold , a very large floor standing mirror perfect for a dressing room or bedroom and a very pretty gilded decorative antique mirror Take a look on the website for more details.


A French Art Deco mirror with black tassel hanger 



A Small French Gilded Antique Mirror A beautiful frame with a stunning crest




Painted French mirror with an interesting crest 





A very pretty French Tremaue Mirror


A large French Antique Floor Mirror. Perfect for a dressing room or bedroom


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“Things are no moment in themselves, only their influence upon our lives is important. They are a means to an end and that end is richness of life.”
- Gustav Stickley, 1907

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