14 September 2014


Sunday in France

A beautiful autumnal morning in France.  There is something very special about harvest time.  The sunflowers, so stunning during our visit in June, are now a dark crumpled brown with their heads that were once upright facing the sun, drooping down towards the ground as the Combine Harvester works its way throught the fields.  The vines are dripping in red, almost black grapes ready for harvesting soon.  One of my great passions at this time of year is collecting fruits from the hedgerows and picking vegetables from the garden.  I do have a dark side though  I take great pleasure in "scrumping". and here at our Gite in Bordeaux it is a scrumpers paradise -Apples, Pears, Quince, Figs and Damsons!!  I feel a Damson crumble coming on for Supper tonight.

Back to work tomorow. I need to find good quality fautueil and gilt mirrors for our clients. Happy hunting (and scrumping)

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- Gustav Stickley, 1907

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