19 June 2013


Puces de St- Ouen Paris

Its been quite sometime since my last diary entry.

Life runs at a pace since returning from down under. The family have now returned to England and life feels normal again. Our travels enabled us to spend valuable time in Southern California seeking out like minds in French Antiques, visiting customers and discussing sourcing items from France.

Our business and show room sit comfortably in a very popular antique area of the UK. Newark holds an   Internationally renowned Antique Fair six times a year so our visitors come from all over the world mainly the USA, Japan and Australia.

We continue our buying trips to France and last weekend we returned to Puces de St-Ouen. It never disappoints me, both in the quality of the antiques and the varying personalities of the French dealers.

Monsieur was quick to tell me that he is a direct descendent of Marie Antoinette or was it Marie de Medici? His charm and good looks certainly made his story plausible. I think I would have believed him if he had said Joan of Arc.

The screen in the photo was delightful

I always arrive at the flea markets with a sense of excitement and anticipation. I am never disappointed. We arrived early last Saturday so the traders were just opening increasing the level of excitement. The first thing to catch my eye was a large Trumeau mirror, unfortunately it was sold but that was just the beginning. Beautiful Antique mirrors, picture frames, lovely pairs of fauteuil, crystal chandeliers. If you look closely below you will see a glass cupboard with the most amazing array of fans. Stunning!

A wonderful morning! Our purchases passed to the capable hands of our shipper Franklins to arrive in the UK next Monday So exciting!!

I will post again soon.

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“Things are no moment in themselves, only their influence upon our lives is important. They are a means to an end and that end is richness of life.”
- Gustav Stickley, 1907

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