11 May 2020


An Antique Dealers Home

I have often wondered what an antique dealer has in their own home.  If they are anything like me it's an eclectic mix of what they like. I have a small antique business so I do not bulk buy instead  I buy from my group of reputable dealers, I visit Antique Fairs and less often now when I visit Brocante's in France.
 I have always enjoyed buying and imagining where the piece would fit in my house. I never buy anything I don't like.  I often swop pieces between my home and my show room That way I get a feel of how it fits in a room what use it has and gives me the opportunity to clean and polish it.

There are certain pieces I never change partly because they "fit" and often because they hold memories of when and where it was bought. Also for the simple reason I like it !

Here are a few of my pieces at home.

I have had this lovely painted Vitrine for many years. I bought in Toulouse for my house in France. It is the most practical piece of furniture that holds all my crockery and  family heirlooms.



Without doubt my favourite acquisitions are French Mirrors.  A mirror adds so much to a room.  It will make a room seem larger, it will add light and because the frames are so beautiful they add interest to any room decor 

These are just two of my French mirrors 



I love French chairs ( Fauteuil)  They add a luxurious feel to a bedroom. The original silk brocade fabric on this chair is delicate and not practical in a sitting room. I like to see it as part of my bedroom furniture. 

In my dining room I like to add a comfortable chair This lovely French Bergere came from probably my favourite dealer in France who lives in Souillac near Cahors . We built a good relationship and visited when ever we were in France.  One such day we were invited for lunch.  Keep in mind we were driving a large van,  champagne and 4 courses later we had to get on the road. My husband abstained from the alcohol but we left feeling very full ! 

I also have single chairs around the house in the hall way on the landing not necessarily to sit in but because they are interesting.


On my travels I have come across unusual pieces.  This French Jardiniere was one of the first things I bought when my interest in all things French began.


I like paintings and have a collection ranging from French unframed oil paintings of flowers to a JD Fergusson drawing which is very special to me. Another of my favourite artists is Dominic Parczuk  His oil painting The green chair can be seen in the second photograph (

This unframed oil painting of a young women came from a dealer who liked the frame - very elaborate, but he did not like the painting so here she is ....


I also love ceramics.  I have a number of fabulous pieces made by my very dear friend Peter Moss. (google him and see his amazing work) 



And finally I like the mix of antiques with Vintage.  My 1970s French Pierre Vandel coffee tables house my ceramic treasures.  Beautiful clean lines of the glass and nickel plated frame complement the pieces of art and Antique furniture so well. 

So there we have it. A snap shot of an Antique Dealers home. 



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